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Our Summer Intern Watched 7 Seasons of Doc Martin in 4 Days


Our summer intern, Kat, watched all seven seasons of Doc Martin in only four days (of her own accord!).  Here is her story in her own words:

I’m here to tell you that watching the entirety of Doc Martin in four days is possible, and I know because I did it. If you don’t believe me, check the supporting figures at the bottom of this post.

I’m not the show’s usual demographic; I’m a 20-year-old student about to start her junior year at a midwestern college, with a double major in theatre and film production. I had previous exposure to Acorn TV through watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot with my mother (excellent show, top notch mysteries, check it out here), but aside from that, I had no connection to Doc Martin before interning with Acorn Media this summer. My first task as an intern was to catalog behind-the-scenes footage from Doc Martin Series 8, and after I saw the cast having so much fun on set, I knew I had to watch the show they were making.

I started watching on a Friday night. “Two or three episodes,” I thought, “that’s what a responsible adult would watch.” All of a sudden it was 5:48 AM and I was covered in Triscuit crumbs, stretching out my greasy finger to click “Next Episode,” and considering the rising sun to be a great nuisance at that particular moment. My body screamed for sleep but my brain screamed, “What will traipse into the surgery next? A maniac? A dead bird? It could be ANYTHING!” much louder, so I kept my bleary eyes open. Aside from fitful naps and infrequent breaks to stumble to the kitchen for snacks, I only stopped when I reached the last episode, hovered my cursor over where the beloved button that blesses me with a new episode should’ve been, and had a minor crisis. I don’t remember much from the moments after.

I’m alright now, and knowing that Series 8 is out today eases my pain. Leading up to the release of Series 8, Acorn TV hosted a Doc Martin Binge Event (watch HERE), complete with a Doc Martin Binge Bingo card made by yours truly. Print or play online here. A don’t forget: if I did it in four days, you can do it in a week. The only difference is that you’ll still have your self-respect (rep. w/ dignity ?) at the end of it.

(53 ep x 48 min) + 92 min special ep

2,597 min + 92 min

2,690 min of Doc Martin


(4 days) (24 hrs per day) (60 min per hour)  = 5,760 minutes

2,690 min of Doc Martin / 5,760 min in 4 days = 0.46701388888

Approx 47% of four days