Episode Guide

The doctor is in—but he’s not happy about it. After developing a crippling fear of blood, hotshot London surgeon Martin Ellingtham (Martin Clunes) is forced to retrain as a GP and relocate to the charming seaside village of Portwenn. Dour, discourteous, and dismissive, he immediately clashes with Portwenn’s quirky villagers. 

Series 1

Meet Martin Ellingham, an eminent physician with a nasty disposition. Forced to give up his career as a London surgeon after developing a fear of blood, he takes a job as GP in the sleepy Cornish village of Portwenn. His irascible manner and permanent scowl soon have the town in an uproar; he insults each patient he sees and offends nearly everyone else. The only person who’s glad to see him is his aunt Joan.

Quirky characters, comic situations, and impossibly picturesque scenery have made Doc Martin a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Clunes is brilliant as the arrogant physician with a head full of knowledge but no people skills. Will he throw in the towel or succumb to the charms of village life, including those of lovely schoolteacher Louisa Glasson?


Episode 1

Going Bodmin

Doc Martin makes a bad impression on one Portwenn resident even before he’s officially hired. Things go downhill from there after he casts a pall over a local festival and gets punched in the nose.

Episode 2

Gentlemen Prefer

Martin fires his receptionist and informs the locals that they can no longer use his waiting room as a social center. In return, the villagers shun him, the café won’t serve him, and patients cancel their appointments.

Episode 3

Sh*t Happens

A stomach bug sweeps through Portwenn. Martin creates mass panic by declaring it’s the swimming pool, and then infuriates the locals by blaming the village water supply. Meanwhile, plumber Bert Large is making a mint off his new business: bottled water.

Episode 4

The Portwenn Effect

The annual Portwenn Players Dance is a highlight of the village’s social calendar. Louisa invites Martin, but the doctor turns her down. Martin also pays a visit to a park ranger who believes he lives with a six-foot squirrel.

Episode 5

Of All the Harbours in All the Towns

Aunt Joan’s old flame arrives in Portwenn and rekindles their romance. Confidentiality prevents Martin from telling Joan about the man’s health problem. And the doc has love problems of his own: a local teenager has a crush on him.

Episode 6


When Martin’s fear of blood becomes common knowledge, the practical jokes begin. Tourist season commences, and Martin shocks one buxom visitor by offering to examine her chest. Later, an emergency compels Martin to confront his phobia.

Series 2

As a hard-charging London surgeon, Martin Ellingham didn’t need a bedside manner. His patients were unconscious, so he could be as rude and arrogant as he pleased. All that changes when he develops a crippling fear of blood and is forced to give up surgery. Now a GP in a sleepy, picturesque Cornish fishing village, Doc Martin offends everyone in town, including the one person he wants to impress, beautiful teacher Louisa Glasson. Getting her attention proves even more difficult when Louisa’s old flame returns to the village and becomes his new rival.


Episode 1: Old Dogs

Martin has a new receptionist and a new problem: Louisa’s former love, the suave Danny Steel, has come home to Portwenn. Meanwhile, Martin detects signs of dementia in an elderly patient and learns the shocking reason for a fisherman’s long history of injuries.

Episode 2: In Loco

An accident in the local fish-and-chips shop and a nasty skin rash at the school make Martin even crankier. Louisa is up for headmistress, and Martin, as an unwilling governor of the school, must decide if she’s in or out.

Episode 3: Blood Is Thicker

Martin treats two brothers for salmonella poisoning, likely caused by the putrid contents of their fridge. But there’s something else amiss about this family, which has a bizarre passion for taxidermy—and a mother who hasn’t been seen in years.

Episode 4: Aromatherapy

A local radio host seems to have a drinking problem but refuses Martin’s help. The doctor does have another patient who welcomes his advice: an old man emitting a horrible stench. To add to his frustrations, Martin’s romantic triangle becomes even more complicated.

Episode 5: Always on My Mind

When a village woman dies at home, the husband accuses Martin of murder and takes out his anger on Martin’s aunt Joan. The doctor also makes inept attempts to rekindle his friendship with Louisa.

Episode 6: The Family Way

Martin’s estranged parents come to Cornwall for an icy reunion with their only son. His father sneers at Martin’s small-town status and his mother barely speaks. But as the real reason for their visit comes to light, Martin reveals an unseen side.

Episode 7: Out of the Woods

The local constable asks Martin to be best man at his wedding, but the doctor flatly refuses. The stag weekend in the woods ends up going terribly wrong; however, Louisa is relieved by the outcome.

Episode 8: Erotomania

A Salvation Army worker arrives in Portwenn to trace a missing woman, and the constable’s checkup has surprising results that could impact his upcoming nuptials. Danny asks Louisa to move in with him, but she feels ambivalent.

Special Episode: On the Edge

Bird-watchers in search of a rare species disturb the peace of Portwenn, which lately doesn’t seem so tranquil. Martin may lose his receptionist and is told to brush up on his people skills—or else. And Louisa’s father arrives unannounced, accompanied by his bipolar friend.

Series 3

With his terrible bedside manner, he has insulted everyone in town several times over. His relationship with Louisa seems dead in the water. And he faces fresh challenges: The town’s new constable has narcolepsy. Martin’s beloved aunt Joan is aging. His receptionist, Pauline, is bored. He’s also being pursued by a hypochondriac hotelier, much to Louisa’s dismay. All of which make the good doctor even grumpier—and his antics even funnier.


Episode 1: Tick Tock (aired in the U.S. as “The Apple Doesn’t Fall”)

Louisa faints in front of her class, Aunt Joan nearly runs someone over with her car, and Portwenn’s new policeman is falling asleep on the job. When a young girl exhibits symptoms of ADHD, Doc Martin’s diagnosis is true to form: “She’s very annoying.”

Episode 2: The Morning After (aired in the U.S. as “Movement”)

Taking Doc Martin’s advice to “make some life changes,” Bert Large abandons his plumbing business and opens a restaurant. Soon Portwenn is plagued by an outbreak of food poisoning. When Louisa falls victim, the doctor spoils a tender moment.

Episode 3: Love Thy Neighbor (aired in the U.S. as “City Slickers”)

A family of city slickers moves in next to Louisa, bringing modern ideas about parenting and their bratty son. Doc Martin learns that the constable is agoraphobic as well as narcoleptic. When he threatens to report him, Aunt Joan puts phobias into perspective.

Episode 4: The GP Always Rings Twice (aired in the U.S. as “The Admirer”)

Romance is in the salty air of Portwenn: Doc Martin is pursued by a glamorous divorcée. Aunt Joan is wooed by a handsome artist 30 years her junior. And Pauline’s old boyfriend, Al Large, returns home. No wonder the doctor drives a bit erratically.

Episode 5: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (aired in the U.S. as “The Holly Bears a Prickle”)

Martin and Louisa go on their first proper date. When he ruins a kiss with a tactless remark, it’s the last straw for Louisa. Meanwhile, Pauline’s gambling causes problems in the office, and a near-fatal accident has repercussions for Martin and Louisa.

Episode 6: The Two of Us (aired in the U.S. as “Nowt So Queer”)

The news of Martin and Louisa’s engagement spreads quickly through the village; Aunt Joan is annoyed to hear it from Dave the postman. While plans are made for the wedding, mushrooms are making people sick, and Bert Large struggles to keep his restaurant afloat.

Episode 7: In Sickness and in Health (aired in the U.S. as “Happily Ever After”)

It’s Martin and Louisa’s wedding day. The bridesmaid is injured, the vicar is drunk, a burst pipe floods the reception hall, and Martin has a personal encounter with a pig. Things go downhill from there.

Series 4

After his wedding day disaster, Dr. Martin Ellingham is even grumpier and ruder than before. His former fiancée, Louisa, has left the village to avoid embarrassment. The doctor himself plans to return to London as a surgeon—if he can conquer his fear of blood. But it’s hard to leave a place as charming and full of eccentric characters as Portwenn.

Matters quickly become complicated when Louisa moves back with startling news. Meanwhile, Martin’s old flame, Edith Montgomery, takes a job at the local hospital and sets her sights on the doc. Sparks and rumors fly as patients crowd his office: a shouting oil rigger, the inept local constable, a woman who sees her dead husband’s ghost, and a man who eats his own hair. Facing all this, will Doc Martin leave Portwenn after all?



Episode 1: Better the Devil

Doc Martin finds life in Portwenn even more infuriating now that Louisa is gone. At the local hospital, he is stunned to meet Edith, his former girlfriend from medical school. Martin learns of a job in London just as Louisa comes calling again.

Episode 2: Uneasy Lies the Head

Louisa insists she doesn’t want Martin involved in her life, and he agrees. Later, she schedules a medical check-up and makes an awkward discovery: Edith will be her new doctor. Meanwhile, the head teacher at the school is acting strangely.

Episode 3: Perish Together as Fools

There’s something wrong with PC Penhale’s older brother, Sam. Elsewhere, Bert Large gives romantic advice to his son, Al, which only makes things worse with Pauline. And at a dinner to discuss her medical research, Edith kisses Martin.

Episode 4: Driving Mr. McLynn

Doc Martin is appalled to learn that Louisa wants her old job back as head teacher, and Aunt Joan is having money problems. When Martin tells Edith that he has applied for the position in London, her efforts to help him have unexpected consequences.

Episode 5: The Departed

Martin goes to London for an interview and lies about his fear of blood. On the train back to Portwenn, the passenger seated beside him has a medical emergency. Louisa takes a school trip to Aunt Joan’s farm that leads to a lawsuit.

Episode 6: Midwife Crisis

A midwife arrives in Portwenn and immediately clashes with Martin, while Bert Large is smitten with a new cook at his restaurant. Edith urges Martin to move to London, and Aunt Joan presses him to tell Louisa about his plans.

Episode 7: Do Not Disturb

After Pauline steams open a confidential letter addressed to Martin, the news of his departure spreads. Martin attends a conference with Edith, where she assumes they will share a room. An accident proves that Martin’s blood phobia is cured.

Episode 8: The Wrong Goodbye

It’s Doc Martin’s last day in Portwenn, and his office is packed with patients. Edith turns up, expecting an apology, and Aunt Joan rebukes Martin as well. Louisa is in a car accident that causes Martin to doubt his decision.

Series 5

Fatherhood hasn’t softened the dour Dr. Martin Ellingham. He’s about to take a new position in London when events conspire to keep him in Portwenn. His infant son with Louisa needs a name, his replacement doesn’t seem up to the job, and he receives devastating news. Like it or not, he’s stuck in the scenic Cornish village with its quirky inhabitants—most of whom have grudgingly grown rather fond of the grumpy doctor.

Although Martin has largely mastered his fear of blood, he still has no clue how to manage his life. How can he cope with sleepless nights, an aunt with issues, a flaky new receptionist, Louisa’s hippie mother, and the usual village dramas? This season, Emmy® winner Eileen Atkins joins the cast of the award-winning British drama.


Episode 1: Preserve the Romance

Doc Martin’s return to London is delayed by the birth of his son, the arrival of an incompetent replacement at his Portwenn practice, and the sad news of a sudden death. He temporarily moves in with Louisa and their still unnamed baby.

Episode 2: Dry Your Tears

Martin agrees to stay on until a more suitable substitute is found. He moves back into his house and persuades Louisa to join him so he can help raise their child. Martin’s aunt Ruth arrives in Portwenn for a funeral. She’s almost as cranky as her nephew.

Episode 3: Born with a Shotgun

A wailing baby and sleepless nights leave Martin and Louisa with frayed nerves. New receptionist Morwenna makes a bad first impression on the doctor. Aunt Ruth deals with an intruder and a reclusive neighbor with a mysterious illness.

Episode 4: Mother Knows Best

The first annual Portwenn charity fun run leads to a rivalry between Bert Large’s restaurant and a local pub. Louisa’s mother, Eleanor, shows up unannounced, and while Louisa isn’t happy to see her, the baby starts sleeping more soundly under Eleanor’s care.

Episode 5: Remember Me

PC Penhale has an unexpected visitor: his ex-wife Maggie, who exhibits strange symptoms. Louisa learns her mother’s real reason for returning to Portwenn, and she and Martin finally choose a name for their baby.

Episode 6: Don’t Let Go

PC Penhale takes desperate measures to convince Maggie to stay in Portwenn. When Aunt Ruth discovers old family photos, Martin is reminded of his unhappy childhood. Martin and Louisa can’t seem to agree on anything, and tensions reach a breaking point.

Episode 7: Cats and Sharks

Threatened by loan sharks, Bert Large can’t afford to host a charity event for a cat sanctuary. PC Penhale intervenes, and Eleanor comes up with a way to bring more customers to Bert’s restaurant. Meanwhile, Martin makes plans to leave Portwenn in a week.

Episode 8: Ever After

Unaware of her feelings for him, Martin asks Mrs. Tishell, the pharmacist, to babysit James Henry for the day. Fueled by a cocktail of self-prescribed drugs, she takes the baby and disappears. Martin, Louisa, Aunt Ruth, and PC Penhale pursue them to a castle high on a cliff.

Series 6

Even on his own wedding day, Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, Men Behaving Badly) is all scowls. Following a calamitous honeymoon, he and Louisa (Caroline Catz, Murder in Suburbia) must learn to cohabit, raise a child together, and manage two careers. It’s a big adjustment for both, especially Martin, who’s unaccustomed to clutter and noise. But even he’s not as picky as their OCD manny, Mike (Felix Scott, Inception).

Factor in the Doc’s usual string of batty patients – including a hypochondriac, a hoarder, two elderly tattoo artists, and a bumbling constable with a string of self-inflicted injuries – and Martin is soon more ill-tempered than ever. Plus his crippling blood phobia is back. It’s a bad time for his ghastly mother (Claire Bloom) to show up at the Ellinghams’ door. With much at stake, Martin turns for advice to his Aunt Ruth (Emmy®-winner Eileen Atkins, Cranford), perhaps the sanest person in Portwenn, but it may already be too late.



Episode 1: Sickness and Health

Martin and Louisa finally tie the knot. The villagers surprise them with a honeymoon at a lodge, which goes horribly awry. Back in Portwenn, Ruth finds babysitting James Henry a challenge, but an ex-army man turns out to be an expert in both children and power outages.

Episode 2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

With Martin and Louisa back at work, James Henry needs looking after, but the irascible doctor scares prospects away. Martin makes a sudden decision that riles Louisa, and the Ellinghams host a painfully awkward dinner party. Ruth appears on Radio Portwenn and gives on-air advice to PC Penhale.

Episode 3: The Tameness of a Wolf

Mike, the new sitter, cares for James Henry and reorganizes the Ellinghams’ kitchen. Al Large moves in with Morwenna, and Bert rents Al’s room to Portwenn’s new pharmacist. A man is found collapsed on the beach, and Ruth has a secret admirer.

Episode 4: Nobody Likes Me

Louisa persuades Martin to take James Henry to a playgroup at the library, but the Doc’s behavior is appalling. Ruth moves from the farmhouse into the village, only to find that her next-door neighbor is a cranky loner. Bert makes a disturbing discovery about his lodger, Jennifer.

Episode 5: The Practice around the Corner

Mrs. Tishell returns to Portwenn and her pharmacy, seemingly cured of her obsession with Martin. PC Penhale embarks on a survival course that quickly goes downhill. Al joins an online dating site, with embarrassing results. Ruth advises Martin about his blood phobia.

Episode 6: Hazardous Exposure

Both Martin and Louisa have trouble sleeping. Dismissed by Mrs. Tishell, Jennifer makes plans to leave Portwenn, but Bert convinces her to stay. Martin’s treatment of a hypochondriac leads to widespread panic and a confrontation with Louisa. Ruth gives Al a pep talk, and Martin’s mother, Margaret, arrives with devastating news.

Episode 7: Listen with Mother

Relationships are strained among the Ellinghams. Martin won’t open up to Louisa, who is deeply hurt by his rejection. Ruth is suspicious of Margaret’s sudden desire to be with her son. Louisa’s insistence that Martin help out at a school event ends in near tragedy. Meanwhile, two military policemen arrive in Portwenn, looking for Mike.

Episode 8: Departure

With his marriage on the critical list, Martin has a heart-to-heart with Ruth. He confronts his mother and learns the real reason she came to Portwenn. Al Large pitches a new business plan to Ruth, and Bert throws an engagement party on the beach. Enlisting PC Penhale’s help, Martin races against time to save Louisa and himself.

Series 7

Years of grumpiness have finally caught up with Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, Men Behaving Badly). With his marriage in trouble, Martin finally agrees to see a therapist. He may have met his match in the young and smart Dr. Rachel Timoney (Emily Bevan, The Casual Vacancy), but can she cure his caustic personality and crippling blood phobia? And more importantly, can she help bring Louisa (Caroline Catz, Murder in Suburbia) back to Martin? 

If that weren’t enough, Martin contends with the declining health of his aunt Ruth (Emmy® winner Eileen Atkins, Cranford), the Large family’s calamitous business endeavors, and the return of a know-it-all vet (Caroline Quentin, Blue Murder) who is the daughter of the GP that Martin replaced. Also in this series, Oscar® nominee Sigourney Weaver (Alien movies, Avatar) guest stars as an American tourist visiting the scenic Cornish village. Can Martin make time for his wife and son while dealing with Portwenn’s idiosyncratic inhabitants?

Episode 1: Rescue Me

Martin struggles with the absence of Louisa, who is staying with her mother in Spain and offering no clear return date. At Ruth’s suggestion, Martin finally agrees to make an appointment with a therapist.  Morwenna prepares for her role in a lifeboat training exercise commemorating the fifth anniversary of a locally famous rescue. 

Episode 2: The Shock of the New

Martin begins his therapy sessions with Dr. Timoney. Louisa returns unexpectedly, raising more questions about their relationship. The first guests arrive at Al’s bed and breakfast, although an uninvited one may spell disaster for his new enterprise.  

Episode 3: It’s Good to Talk

Now living separately from Martin, Louisa visits with Dr. Timoney, who suggests couples therapy, but Louisa isn’t keen on the idea. Up to his eyes in debt, Bert disappears from the village without telling Al what’s going on. Portwenn Radio’s new host, Melanie, attempts to involve Martin in a “Healthy Eating Week” segment.  

Episode 4: Education, Education, Education

Martin and Louisa begin couples therapy, but neither of them expects to receive homework. Louisa’s former student Peter shadows Martin around the surgery for work experience. Mrs. Tishell’s estranged husband returns and wants to give their relationship another go.

Episode 5: Control-Alt-Delete

Martin resolves to get rid of Buddy forever. He brings the dog to holistic vet Angela Sim, the daughter of the GP Martin replaced. Citing Martin’s control issues, Dr. Timoney instructs the couple to plan an activity where Louisa will make all the decisions. PC Penhale plans a barbecue to get closer to Janice.

Episode 6: Other People’s Children

James’s first birthday party is approaching and Louisa wants everything to be perfect, but life intervenes. Louisa’s ex-boyfriend Danny returns to Portwenn with his London youth group. Mrs. Tishell seems ready to take her husband back, causing Clive to seek help from Martin.

Episode 7: Facta Non Verba

After their failed date night, Dr. Timoney asks Martin and Louisa to consider the advantages of living apart. Martin has a new neighbor: an ambitious art teacher who shakes things up at the school. Bert tries to make it as a handyman, and PC Penhale considers a transfer.

Episode 8: The Doctor Is Out

Martin and Louisa plan to have a “make or break” dinner date, but Martin ends up being held hostage by a patient’s disgruntled wife. With Martin missing, Louisa fears that he’s decided to end their relationship for good.