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Doc Martin to Return for 2 More Seasons, Then End

Good news and bad news, Doc Martin fans.  The good news is that Doc Martin will definitely return for series 8 and 9, but the bad news is that it will officially come to an end after that.  Here is the official statement from Doc Martin‘s producers:

We are very excited to be able to confirm that we will be making two more seasons of Doc Martin.   Season 8 will shoot and be broadcast in 2017, then we’ll be taking our usual year off to plan, write and tune the scripts. Season 9 will shoot and be broadcast 2019 and air around the world in 2020. It’s then our intention to bring the series to an end.  We’ve had the most incredible time making this show that we love and care deeply for, and feel very privileged. We’d like to thank our audience around the world for coming on this great journey with us and really hope you enjoy these next two seasons and think they’re the best yet – it’s certainly what we’re aiming for!
Philippa Braithwaite & Mark Crowdy
Producers of Doc Martin