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Dr. Martin Ellingham

Played by Martin Clunes

Character Bio:

The namesake of this popular British comedy series, Dr. Martin Ellingham was once a brilliant vascular surgeon in London, but after developing haemophobia -- an intense fear of blood -- he is forced to retrain as a general practitioner. He takes a post as the town doctor of sleepy Cornish village Portwenn, where he finds both facilities and patients that are a far cry from his former job in the big city.

Actor Bio:

Clunes’s first television appearance came in the 1980s Doctor Who story Snakedance as the spoiled Lon. He got his first regular television role as one of the sons in the BBC sitcom No Place Like Home, and then starred in two series of the sitcom All at No 20.

While Clunes was appearing on stage at the Hampstead Theatre, Harry Enfield came to see him; the acquaintanceship developed into a friendship where Clunes played characters in Enfield's sketch shows. Enfield then recommended Clunes for the role of Gary in the sitcom Men Behaving Badly, written for Enfield by Simon Nye, bringing Clunes his best-known role to date and for which he won a BAFTA television award in 1996. He played the part of Group Captain Barker in the 2-part TV mini-series Over Here that same year.

He has since appeared in films and television shows such as An Evening With Gary Lineker Staggered (starred and directed), Hunting Venus, The Booze Cruise, Saving Grace, and Jeeves and Wooster. In 1998, he was featured in Sweet Revenge and appeared as Richard Burbage in the Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love.

Clunes was one of the eponymous leads in the 2004 ITV romantic comedy-drama William and Mary, which ran for three series, with Julie Graham. Clunes had worked with Julie Graham previously on Dirty Tricks (2000).

His leading role in the ITV comedy drama series Doc Martin from 2004 marked a successful change of direction for Clunes. In 2005, his portrayal of the ornery vascular surgeon turned cranky general practitioner won him a nomination for Most Popular Actor in the National Television Awards. The show is produced for ITV by Buffalo Pictures Ltd, the production company he runs in partnership with his wife, Philippa Braithwaite.

A sponsor of numerous charities, he has made a short online film with Stephen Fry about HIV discrimination for the Terrence Higgins Trust. He is also a patron of the Born Free Foundation and has filmed several adverts for the wildlife charity. He has been involved in Comic Relief, which funds Survival International and African Initiatives, two organizations working with the Maasai on indigenous land rights issues.

On 9 November 2007 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Bournemouth University.

In January 2008, ITV announced its forthcoming sponsorship opportunities for Autumn 2008, which included Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs, a documentary that sees Martin Clunes charting the family tree of his dogs.

From 24 April 2009, Clunes starred on BBC One television in the title role of Reggie Perrin, a re-make of classic 1970s British situation comedy The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. In the same year he appeared in a 3 part ITV series Islands of Britain in which he traveled around several of the country's lesser known islands.

In June 2012, he presented a documentary series on ITV on Tuesday nights about the lemurs of Madagascar.


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